A Weekend with FDR in 4 Locations


Living history presentations are one of the most enjoyable ways to brush up on history or to learn something you didn’t already know about some of the most interesting people who ever lived.  This weekend, beginning Thursday, Sept. 22 in Greenfield, you can step back in time with FDR and hear about the New Deal and perhaps think about whether we might need a new New Deal now, faced with many of the same issues we faced as a nation in the 1930s.

On the calendar, you can find more info, but the basics are:

Sept. 22, 7 pm,  Old Town Hall, Greenfield

Sept. 23, 11:30 am, Goffstown High School (must check in at office)

Sept. 24, 5 pm, Hollis Social Library

Sept. 25, 4 pm, Amherst Town Library


We look forward to seeing you at one of these events.  Special thanks to NH Humanities, the Greenfield Inn and Crotched Mountain Foundation.

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