An alliance of musicians, artists, scientists, educators, farmers, and you. Fireseed Alliance partners with organizations, foundations, and individuals to produce innovative programs, workshops and events to promote and preserve our shared artistic, cultural and environmental heritage. Our work fuels the creative economy, and promotes and sustains that which feeds our bodies, minds and hearts.


Established in 2003 the Northeast Cultural Coop (NCC) presented significant programs on world cultures through performances, workshops and seminars. Working closely with teachers, faculty and students our mission enabled participants to become part of and understand their roles in the global community.

NCC has collaborated with the NH Humanities Council, major foundations and Universities and schools to provide a vocabulary and curriculum for educators and others to approach and discuss international topics of artistic and cultural interest.

In 2014 NCC proudly announced a new direction and a reinvigorated mission focused on the Arts + Culture + Environment. Our new name is the Fireseed Alliance. We look forward to working with businesses and cultural institutions in an Alliance of strengths that influences each citizen’s commitment to our shared cultural and environmental heritage and future. Fireseed Alliance will work closely with and is grateful to Fireseed Arts, an innovator and incubator for sustainable environmental businesses and projects.